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DCarsonCPA The Empire Lines on the Local Lines to the Global Economy

DCarsonCPA The Empire Lines:

DCarsonCPA The Empire Line - A New York State of the Line to the Global Economy and Back for the value to help and to emphasize the value of the Melting Pot to the Global Economy and High Performance lines on Lean Innovation and Growth, FINTECH, PM, BA Lines, Financials and more. ALL skills to the line to help on the cross sector needs for Industry, Non Profits, NGO, Government, Individuals, Families and Communities in the Aggregate. We can help on the need in the Economy through the points of convergence where Financials (Macro and Micro), Compliance, Technology, Communications, Teamwork Research and Lean Innovation meet. Today right now, where you are in the Economy and Financials. Find the DCarsonCPA Lines on the solution set for CFO / Advisory, Project Management, Business Analysis and much more.

DCarsonCPA SME and Entrepreneurial Lines on Growth

DCarsonCPA SME and Entrepreneurial Lines on Growth:

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DCarsonCPA MFC on ICT, the Cloud and Mobile Innovation support lines:

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DCarsonCPA MFC on ICT, the Cloud and Mobile Innovation support.

DCarsonCPA MFC Lines:

DCarsonCPA Wealth Management Lines:

DCarsonCPA Accounting, Financials, Taxes, Analysis:

DCarsonCPA on Project Management, Business Analysis and CFO /Advisory Lines:

There are many Solutions for your needs Today in the Economy and Financials. We bring the connective knowledge of Economics, Legal support, Financials, Compliance and Deep Research to the points where Technology, Data and Communications meet on the support lines to Financials, Management Analysis, Advisory, Project Management, Business Analysis, Technology, Compliance and Legal support objectives meet in the Economy and Financials. For the Financial AND the OCR driven Text Data lines where programming meets productivity and the skills to work where Financials, Data, Controls, Risk Management, Communications and Technology meet for the Entity and Societal needs in the Aggregate. Our knowledge is a power line to use the insight for performance improvements where we meet to the simple objectives of growth, efficiency and improvements in continual cycles of renewal for Economic Growth and Lean Performance. We work with Daily lines of Deep Research to bring an uncommon value of strength to performance lines through deep Ecosystem support to Innovation and Improvements. We work with the knowledge of Innovation to help on performance lines for the cross entity and cross sector needs where we ALL meet in the Economy through the Financials.Call us Today so we can map in on your needs for growth and renewal in the complex economy.  Learn more at DCarsonCPA .

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pathways to support lines on Services and Research.

DCarsonCPA is a CPA Practice working with unique lines on Integrated Research for the knowledge to services lines to help support the key needs of Entities and Individuals / Families and Communities on Growth, Efficiency and Improvements key needs common to ALL entities and Individuals / Families in the Economy.

There are some basic possibilities when it comes to financials that in gross simplification correspond to the growth lines of available resources for needs. You can increase the Revenues by following the Growth Lines, Reduce the Expenses by using Financial Analysis to review Financials and utilize Advisory skills to get a better read on your Entity and follow the Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity E2E^2 lines to the Economy and Financials. A reduction in Expenses or Decreased Outflows correspond to increased inflows from the Corporate Finance Perspective. Looking practically to the teachings of Economics a quick line is drawn that Unlimited Wants and Needs are matched to relatively scarce resources making Economics a key part of the skills sets to work on growth.

No message on growth moves anywhere without a communications line to help on teamwork.  There's value chains that run across entities and the ability to harness those lines rely on Project Management and Business Analysis skills to optimize the value of Technology to workflows.

Follow the Supply Chains for a better understanding of the key challenges of Entities (on Sales and Logistics). The science of NO is a practice of small minds to miss the big value where big data can be refined to big knowledge for improvements as inevitably will be the case in the Economy over time.

Don't focus too much on the Vendor Lines as the portals are broken as we noted on Fixing the Supplier Portals. In the old days there was a cadre of seasoned veterans who understood the value of teamwork and who use to support and work with vendors on innovation. These days the rage is fear and the art of no even when the principles are firmly planted in compliant practices very cognizant to Risk Management .

Our next post in this Blog will be on the Art of NO to explain the many ways of how enabling whole organizations to succumb to group think and the art of can't/ won't/ don't ,even as dealing with compliance and risk management lines and sales and growth lines creates a considerable hurdle for innovation and new paths to teamwork.

Economics is the crux of the argument on Efficiency but something in the Sales path is much more about human irrationality, so Lose the Logic to find the growth paths. Our greatest challenge has always been in selling logic ie if you work with strong lines on Financials, Taxation, Compliance and Analysis, it stands to reason that you would have better outcomes for Business and Financials. Unfortunately not everyone resonates on how meaningful that core logic is so the biggest part is really about communications, education and outreach cycles to get the word out. That's not quite so bad as it led us to the overall skills at many a varied point in the Economy with an ability to explain the connection from Skills to needs.

The SME Lines exist to help Small Business succeed and grow. The SBA windows are only open to select categories of consumers and are active on chosing winners and losers based on lopsided demographics it's understandable to support Veterans, it's admirable to support Minorities and Women ( a point I value for meaning to Society and Equality) AND it's unforgivable to group together "mainstream" Americans and assume that there is no need for outreach or entrepreneurial support as it is lopsided and unfair to assume that all were born with a silver spoon. It costs Our Economy every day when we complicate the lines for creation and growth and when we over regulated and shut down the lines for Capital and Growth.  Innovation and Growth relies on opportunities. Many are challenged by innovation of the nature we need to help the Economy and so to win the rewards more requires funding to stoke the engines of growth. Prime those engines with the understanding of Risk and Reward, not by closing down the windows of Capital. We need a new age of Capital for growth.

We know your challenges on Business Development and Growth and we have studied the best of lines where Economics, Financials, Legal, Communications and IT meet the cross sector, market, entity and product lines to help on growth.

Three key needs for any Entity are expressed as Growth, Efficiency and Improvements if you can find those lines you can find your pathway to entrepreneurial growth provided you have the ability to get the message out quickly, link to support lines and teamwork and move for growth. Be lean and efficient, be nimble and look for yes more than no. Doubt and Fear are the vehicles that drive contraction not growth, so harness fear of entrepreneurial risk as an engine to keep you moving as a motivator in all you do. We are here to help you succeed with support lines on Financials, Accounting, Taxes and Advisory and related lines of deep growth research following the Aggregate Economy across sectors.

The above is mostly about Free Speech and communications, open talk unleashes the lines for growth, the opposite curtails the lines for growth and all growth starts with a vision. A vision that must be refined to sustainable pathways to break through and find the growth.

We wish you success and Yes for the answer of No, look beyond the challenge to the potential and find your way to growth rooted in teamwork and sustainable financials.

We are here to help on services, research and outreach, more under brand DCarsonCPA on web and at our website DCarsonCPA . Be the Growth and Be the Change you can build it better and faster and we can add skills to help you on teamwork directed at growth on the CFO / Controller, Advisory and related lines to use the Financials and their link to Economics as the key tools on growth.

Also Find Our Private Equity and Venture Capital Lines for awareness on those points to help build awareness. If you are a growth funder we can help on your lines as well as entrepreneurial lines.

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Are Government Regulations diluting your business opportunities?

Are Government Regulations diluting your Business Opportunities? are you concerned about finding ways to better meet your obligations on Accounting, Taxes and Compliance but working with constraints in the face of diminished opportunities in the Market Place due to Tax Burden and a decreased pool of capital for investments and growth?

We can help you we have built a business line that is about using the power of technology and lean resources to cover your needs with efficiency - and we seek to help businesses succeed against the challenges, we want you to succeed in your business venture.

Who can we help and how?:

You on your needs for business financials, taxes, compliance, research on growth economics and skills to reduce expenses. We will strengthen your spot on Management of Financials and read those overarching regulations to help you focus on business opportunities and not the lines of red tape that couldn't have been designed with the hope to help your business in mind.

What are some of the tools?:

Financials, Legal, Government, Policy and Industry Research

What can you expect?:

We will meet your business where you are circle the wagons and launch a  big knowledge and strong compliance defense on the needs on Regulatory overload with a strong knowledge strategy that connects the lines of Economic, Statistical, Financials, Government, Policy, Legal and Industry research to help you meet the needs on compliance and connect to the lines of rule making so you have a better chance of heading of  the regulations before they hit the financials.

Being a Business person is about creating  Jobs and Economic Opportunities it shouldn't be about supporting excessive lines of bureaucracy or being tied to job crushing lines of compliance. You are a business owner and a supporter of opportunity and growth in the economy. We will help you leverage technology and research to cover the compliance needs and let you know when the gears are in motion to make your business life more complex so you have a fair chance to support your needs on Regulatory overwork reduction.

Put your focus back on the Business and Growth and will cover the regulatory lines of needs on Accounting, Taxes, Industry specific compliance and more.

Where we can help:

GAAP Accounting - Accrual, Modified Accrual and Cash Basis

Audits - Operational and Financial (for non PCAOB entities)

Taxes - 

Business Taxes: Form 1120, 1120-s, 1065 and others

Payroll and Benefit Forms 941, 944, 5500


For Regulated Financial Entities and ALL Entities with needs on Compliance as part of the support team to feed you high value research and deliver strong knowledge support, training and specialized applied research for your needs on FATCA, ACA and the many lines of Dodd-Franks.

We will use financial and legal research skills to map your needs.

Connect your business to better opportunities:

We will look through every line of Business, Economic, Statistical, Financial, Government, Policy, Legal, Trade and Industry Research to bring you new value on Growth Opportunity support - we open the gates on high value decision making insight that works with research and your specific financials to help  assess market opportunities with Business Management, Efficiency, Financials, Regulatory Communications and Sales knowledge.  we go big on opportunity support with knowledge, experience,  teamwork, and research.

This is your business, you made it and we want you to continue to succeed and grow to grow with you and support  your business and opportunities and the broader role your business plays in providing growth in the Economy.

Learn more at where you can find our lines to helping business needs.

We look forward to taking the load of your firm so your staff can focus on business and not the burden of regulations which creeps beyond the balance of  the cost-benefit constraints as an economic tax on resources, reducing market opportunities through stifling growth. We work hard for your business as a big knowledge efficient solution with maps back to the main road of business and away from the chaos of complexity. We manage big regulations with advanced technology, training, research and the know how to help you meet your opportunities to  reel back the overarching lines of complexity.